Virtual Business Networking

The easy way to Networking in 2022 !

Why Virtual Networking Works

Why do you need to drive for 45 minutes, have to buy a drink, go and work the room with all the social expectations that this brings, and then have to drive all the way home spending yet another night out trying to grow your business, when you can do it from the comfort of your own home ?

It's Free !

Yep - really.  It's completely Free of charge.  Sign up, come along, get to meet people you wouldn't normally get to meet and build your networking relationships online, which makes it even more fun when you actually meet them at some point in real life, feeling like old friends.

So much easier !

When I used to go to Networking Events in eal life, you would have to drive, then pay for parking, then buy a drink (ya know, because society says thats what we should do!), then spend as much time 'working' the room as you can before having to drive all the way home again.

Why choose Virtual Networking?

"We haven't ran an event yet, but when we do - we're going to put a testimonial right here !"

Daniel Latto
Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Nothing beats the comfort of your own home, so why not Network there virtually ?  This way, no travelling, no dark nights, just you, a cup of tea or coffee and making connections you wouldn't normally make.

It's Free 

No more "£10 entry fees", plus car parking, plus having to buy a drink.  This way, we bring networking to you complete free of charge.

so much easier

We like our comfort.  We like our house.  And we love networking.  So why not do all 3?  That's the idea behind this.  I don't know about you, but Im busy enough without having to spend hours at a networking event.

Packed with

Features you'll love

Instant Access

You can access us from anywhere in the country - you should need an internet connection and a video camera.

Main Stage

In between networking events, we'll have a main stage guest giving a presentation of some kind.

Make connections in The Facebook Group

Once you've met people, we highly recommend you network in side the Business Networking Club Group !

About The Team

The Business Networking Club was started by Daniel Latto in 2022.

Daniel owns a Digital Marketing Website specialising in website design, social media content, Facebook Ads and Digital Content Marketing.

Daniel Latto